Monday, February 18, 2008


Masjid ini dibina bagi mengenang jasa dan perjuangan seorang guru serta muridnya yang gigih mempertahankan diri dari serangan Ivan ‘The Terrible’. Walaupun telah berusaha mempertahankan diri mereka, Guru Kul Sharif dan kesemua anak muridnya telah dibunuh oleh Ivan ‘The Terrible’. Masjid ini dibina pada tahun 1996 setelah jatuh Empayar Soviet.

The erection of the “Kul-Sharif” Mosque according to the project of the group of architects of the firm “Tatinvest-grazhdanproyect” (A.V. Golovin, A.I. Ishakov, I.F. Saifullin, A.C. Sattarov, M.V.Safronov, S.P. Shakurov) started in 1996. The contest for the developing of the project, which was held by the Architects’ Association preceded to the creating of its final variant. After summarizing 2 rounds, the project was developed, it combined ideas and plans of a number of contestants. The Mosque's building is located in the western part of the Kremlin. The project presupposes zoning of the Mosque's yard, taking into account the relief's fall into 2 platforms: the upper one- for religious arrangements, the lower one - for museum excursions. The complex will include 2 pavilions and ornamental pools. It belongs to the type of the central dome mosque with many minarets. The basis of its arrangement is laid on the combinatory symbol of the Moslem Community “Bismilla” in the shape of 2 squares displaced at an angle of 45 degrees and laid one on the other. According to this project, the high central volume with broken facets of the curved upper part was erected. It is surmounted by the dome on the platform of a muezzin and accentuated with 8 vertical lines (4 tall minarets and 4 pinnacles). The hall will be lit by high pointed Gothic and tulip-shaped windows. The motifs and elements of Tartar decorative art will be used in the Mosque's styling

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